Online Exams

Most exams are conducted online. You can take the exams at home or in your office, as long as you have a quiet, private space with a webcam and internet connection.

During the exam you will be required to setup a webcam in your office, and will have a set amount of time to do the exam. Once you start, you will be monitored by an examination proctor who will observe you over your web camera to ensure you are not using any devices or other methods to cheat. Once you start, you cannot start over again. Your exam answers will be submitted at the end of the test and you will receive your results instantly or when the proctor tells you.

If you have sat an exam and passed, this will normally be posted to you within several weeks. If you are doing a short course, you might be allowed to print out your certificate of completion after you’ve finished your course. The more higher level certifications take longer to arrive.


Taking an Exam at a Test Center

Some certifications require you to sit for the exam in a test center. Exam halls are available around the world; contact our support team for help finding a test center near you.