Project Management for Non-Project Managers




    Ever considered a career in Project Management?  Looking to start a project in you work place, but don’t feel confident enough to manage the project?  This course might be the answer you’re looking for!  It is aimed at anyone with no experience in project management.


    The course covers an extensive array of project management skills and practices from defining a project and initiating a plan, to managing conflict in teams and troubleshooting and closing a project.


    Due to their diversity, project management skills can be applied in almost any field from IT and finance, right through to design and manufacturing.  If you feel confident enough to advance your project management skills after completing this course, see our range of project management certification courses.




    • Project Management Fundamentals
    • Transitioning into a Project Management Role
    • Initiating and Planning a Project
    • Managing a Project
    • Troubleshooting and Closing the Project
    • Project Management for Non-project Managers Simulation
    • Managing Projects with No Direct Authority
    • Ensuring Management Buy-in on a Project
    • Managing Conflict in Project Teams
    • Handling a Change Request
    • Scope Definition Tools and Techniques
    • Managing Scope on a Project
    • Weighing the Costs of Project Change
    • Managing Vendor Relationships
    • Anticipating and Solving Problems as a Project Champion
    • Addressing Stakeholder Conflicts
    • Portfolios, Programs, and Projects: What’s the Difference?
    • Controlling Project Cost
    • Mitigating Risks when Improving Processes
    • Ethics and Risks: Why They Matter in Project Success
    • Project Management Essentials


    Course Delivery: Online