What is the Career Program?
The career program is designed specifically for students that have enrolled on a Career Course. The purpose is to help place them into a relevant career role upon completion of their course. As part of the program, students will have direct contact with a recruitment specialist, who will carry out the following services on your behalf:

   Prepare your cover letter and CV
   Create a Linkedin account
   Carry out a full career assessment
   Oversee your employment case management
   Carry out active job searches
   Short-list you for job roles
   Coordinate with employers to secure employment opportunities
   Complete application forms for IT roles
   Help you with interview planning and preparation
   Provide full phone and email support
Conditions of the Career Program
There are strict conditions all students must adhere to in order to access the Career Program. These are put in place to ensure you are fully prepared to enter the employment market as a skilled candidate. We want to make sure you are ready to meet the people that will be hiring you. Students must pass all the exams on their course and gain the live lab certificates of completion. By passing the exams, it says you’re qualified and ready to do the job! The live lab certificates of completion show an employer that: 1. you have experience working with software; 2. are able to carry out relevant tasks (e.g. setup a firewall); 3. are able to follow instructions; and 4. are familiar with virtual environments. It is also a requirement of the Career Program that your course fees are fully paid before accessing it.

To access the career program, you must: 1. complete the courses and live labs; 2. take the practice tests and final exams; 3. provide proof of your certifications.

Access to the Career Program is for one year from the time you have met the requirements mentioned above, and within the allotted time stated on your course page. This is usually between 12-14 months depending on which Career Course you enrol on. You can find how much time you have to complete your course by looking for the section: How long do I have to complete the course? on the course page. While we will do our very best to help place you into a job, we cannot offer any guarantees of employment. The Career Program is not a job guarantee.